Welcome to IWS Group

IWS is one of the most reputable and trusted security companies in Australia. With over 20 years of skill and knowledge in the security profession, IWS is a professional security company that provides a superior service that you can trust.

All IWS security officers are highly trained security experts. Our sole focus is to provide the highest level of safety and protection money can buy, so you can get on with your business with confidence and in safety.

When it comes to personal protection, most people think of the combat ready bodyguard. If your security personnel are easy to spot, they can quickly be distracted with conflict, leaving you vulnerable. We can blend in behind the scenes, or be very high profile, depending on your needs. Wherever your destination takes you, we can be there.

Our personnel have specialized tactical expertise, including weapon handling, defensive and offensive driving skills, and martial arts proficiency, as a small sample of our broad skill base.

If you need personal protection, security, or surveillance, don’t risk it, speak with us at IWS.

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